Life of a Moment

Meet Charlie. Charlie has great intentions, but when it comes to gift giving he always seems to run out of time. With his wife’s birthday coming up, he vows to make this year truly memorable.

To ensure he gets it right this time, Charlie signs up for Lily&Strum.

3 Months Away

Create the Moment

Charlie creates a moment by adding info about his wife and his intention for the occasion. He is immediately shown some great gift recommendations and feels confident that his wife’s birthday is going to be a complete success.

2 Months Away

Refine the Recommendations

Lily&Strum gives Charlie the opportunity to refine his wife's gift recommendations by answering questions about her style, taste and personality. After just a few, he sees the recommendations improve. Charlie is not ready to act yet and feels relieved that Lily&Strum will remind him of the event in a few weeks.

4 Weeks Away

Get the Reminder

Lily&Strum reminds Charlie about his wife’s upcoming birthday with plenty of time to still choose the right gift. The reminder includes 5 tailored recommendations just for his wife. He has a sense of relief and organization. He doesn’t feel the time pressure he normally had in the past.

3 Weeks Away

Choose the Right Gift

Charlie could use a little help choosing, so he utilizes Lily&Strum’s helper function and enlists his wife’s friends to weigh in on the final decision. Now there is no doubt in Charlie’s mind. He makes his choice and Lily&Strum takes him right to the retailer to purchase.

The Moment Arrives

Enjoy the Moment

Rather than panic, this year Charlie is ready to celebrate. As his wife opens her present, the look on her face says it all. Charlie couldn’t be happier. This moment is officially unforgettable.

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